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Studio Rules!

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1 Studio Rules! on Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:18 pm


It's okay to have fun but there are always limits to it. These limits...ARE THE STUDIO RULES! ;D

1. BE RESPECTFUL & FAIR to ALL of the members. We are a family here and we don't want any bad memories here but good ones!
2. HAVE FUUUUUNNNNNNNN. Okay, have fun.
3. If you get three strikes, either from missing meps, not turning in parts, etc, without warning, you will be kicked out. No excuses.
4. BE ACTIVE & DEDICATED. We don't want a dead studio.
5. All parts need to be due by the deadline. If you cannot turn it in, and you know you can't, please send a pm to the studio one or two weeks BEFORE the deadline.
6. You need to at least join a mep/collab/ic once every two months.
7. This is a DEMOCRATIC studio. That means we ALL will vote on the theme and song for a mep.
8. Yaoi & Yuri are allowed but keep it PG-13. We do have some minor members here.
9. Respect each member's band. NUMBER ONE RULLEEE. -shot-

From time to time, we will be editing and adding more rules. YES MORE RULES. x'D So keep that in mind :3

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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