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Sup bro. I am Sid. no no just kidding, HAI I'M KATHY 8DD

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I'm Kathy, you can give me any kind of nickname but I would prefer it if you call me by my full name 83, & I am one of the AWESOME leaders of this AWESOME studio! I'm fairly awesome nice to talk to~ I'm married to Cuddice >8D & Sid is my soulmate, NOTHING CAN CHANGE THISSSSS.

My birthday is on 7th May, so bring me Of Mice & Men, okay. My favourite colour is blue, oh yeah. I like Squidgy, fa la la la la~, hedgehogs, turtles, pandas, penguins, Tepig, & KITTIESS! I'm Vietnamese (well 75% or something =w= idk) & yes i can speak in it 8DD I NEED TO KNOW MORE VIETNAMESE EDITORS ;__;

I live in le Windy City that is Chicago, IL. =A= so if you live by me, COME AND CREEP BY 8DD. lol-
I plan to go to le same art school as Sid in California. 8I Sorry Cuddice. Tell your mum to make me scones though ;AA;

My favourite bands are Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice & Men, Flood of Red, Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive, Foster The People, Two Door Cinema Club, Lydia, D.R.U.G.S, etc. I'm very open to other types of music though /o/ I also listen to kpop, CAUSE I'M ASIAN >8U -shot-. My biggest inspiration is Tablo~

I plan to either be a fashion designer, author, or interior architects ^^ I like anything that has designing in it even though I'm very bad at drawing 8I. It's just that I can imagine things very easily in my mind 83. If none of those work out for me, I shall drop out of school and start a band with Sid.

Uhh. I THINK THIS IS IT. Sorry if I bore you omg 8I so much typing =u= BUT YEAH THIS IS MEEEE. I hope we can become good friends OWO

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I will just be here all alone

Nevermind I'll just go and stalk you both in California 8'|

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